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Management and collection of debt is a time-consuming task requiring specific legal, psychological and IT knowledge and the right infrastructural background. CREDITEXPRESS staff, with nearly 20 years of experience, assist our Clients in recovering their lawful claims as simply and free from risk as possible.

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In the countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia, legal certainty, compliance with and enforcement of contracts have long traditions, going back centuries; these provide a sound basis for businesses to warrant foreseeable operation and cash-flow. Via our partner in Sweden, the SVEA Group, we combine these traditions and the underlying ethical principles with professional experience, competence and local knowledge that is unique in the Central Eastern European region.


Debt management is a long known and acknowledged financial activity; however, for most people it is still an unknown area. Below you can read about some key professional concepts and frequently asked questions – in this way you can have a clearer and more transparent overview of the activities of our company and the industry.


Would you like to know more about events and news on the CREDITEXPRESS Group and debt management? Read our news and reports and download our publications or the documents required for your case!
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17 years of progress

CREDITEXPRESS Group is celebrating its 17th year in operation this year. In…


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